Our firm, beginning its production in 1998, producs Aclass 100% cotton Open-End slab, tricot and textile yarns ranging from NE5/1 to NE40/1. Our capacity is 14.400 tones per year.

All of quality control and textile equipments are well-known equipments all around the wold and they are the newest and the most reliable. Our laboratory is built upon Premier , which has already been proven to be the best, continues quality control 24 hours a day from the entrance of the material till the final packaging. With the help of Corolab 7’s situated in each hole of

Open-end yarn machines each 5 mm of the yarn is tested in volume in 16 points by electronic volume controllers and so it does not let the bad yarn be produced . By this way we can guarantee the best quality. Also, Jossi Vision, which enables us to produce paint guaranteed yarn, catches and separates the colored foreign fibers and other flying objects in the cotton and, so, enables the production of pure yarn. The main points structuring our quality policy are; electronically cleaned yarn, knot controlled yarn, wrapping standard measured reels of yarn, foreign fiber guarantee, and to maintain the best service in any subject of our job. Our raw material is the world famous, low neps and paint guaranteed extra American cotton. The highest proportion of our production is exported to the countries such as USA, Portugal, Spain, Israel, Morocco, Germany, Holland, and UAE.

Our company is producing the below now;

From NE5/1 to NE30/1 100% Cotton Open-end carded yarn, woven and tricot torsion, spinned and monolayer Ecru.

From NE5/1 to NE20/1 100% Cotton Open-end carded slab yarn, woven and tricot torsion, spinned and monolayer Ecru.

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